Anyone making money off low-cap altcoins this month?Hi all, i've been pretty disappointed in the loss from TRX, XRP, and XVG. Really wish I sold when they were "up" last month. I've been making a lot of BTC from this pump group I'm in, about 30% gains from each pump, which is awesome. But I still want to find some good long-term coins to invest in too.

Bitcoin Blahs - 1 year ago

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Where to invest?Hi all, Ethereum rose to 162 times a year ($ 8 in 1/2017 to $ 1300 in 1/2018), and where should the newcomers invest?

General Cryptocurrency News - 1 year ago

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This guy nails the ongoing Bitconnect scam. Bitconnect is continuing to scam people. Check out this guy's video on some of the big Bitconnect players, and the legal aspects that are ongoing.

Cryptocurrency Economic Speculation - 1 year ago

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Hello all, Glad to have found your little corner of the world here! I’m barely 3 weeks old to crypto and am going to have some questions - and will try to find the proper thread to post them.... maybe posting here is fine - not sure. Anyhow - good to meet all of you and here is a cyber handshake.

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Is bitcoin dying? tired I realize alot of company are no longer taking the Crypto currency . What is happening ? Please read more

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